Monday, July 29, 2013

Story Cartel Campaign for POWER PLAY

by Mary Sutton / @mary_sutton73

I recently read a post by K.M. Weiland on her experiment with Story Cartel. If you aren't familiar with Story Cartel, it is a site where authors offer free books. In exchanged, readers are encouraged to leave reviews (because what better way to support an author you like than by giving them a boost through "word of mouth," which is really what reviews are). To sweeten the pot, authors run a little giveaway for those who leave reviews.

Now, this may sound bad. "But aren't you buying reviews?" Not really. First, giving free copies of a book in exchange for a review is an old, well-established tradition. Do you think The New York Times buys all of those books it reviews? No. Publishing houses send out review copies (advance reader copies, or ARCs) to major book reviewers. In return, the publication runs a review. Naturally, publishers hope that the reviews are favorable. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't.

What Story Cartel appears to be doing (at least to my eyes), is opening this field up to small press/indie authors and ordinary readers. Because we all don't work for The New York Times, but if you're a reader, you are certainly capable of giving a review. And don't we all have opinions? Of course we do.

So for the next twenty (20) days, Power Play: Hero's Sword Vol. 1 will be available to download, for free, from Story Cartel by using this link. If you've already purchased the book, thank you. You can help by sending a friend or family member the link and with a recommendation. If you've been on the fence about trying the Hero's Sword series, here's your opportunity to try it, risk free (the only thing you are risking is your time).

You are, of course, under no obligation to leave a review - good or bad. And I really do want your honest review.

Numerous polls and surveys show that the vast majority of the book-buying public discovers books through "word of mouth." In other words, they read a review or get a recommendation from a friend/family member. So if you're a regular reader of this blog, I humbly ask for your assistance. Go grab a copy of Power Play and leave a review. And if middle-grade fantasy isn't your thing, get a copy for a child (or child of a friend) and get them to write a review. Their opinions count too, you know.

And, as added incentive, three (3) lucky reviewers will win a $10 Amazon gift card (winner selected at random by Story Cartel).


  1. Story Cartel sounds interesting. Would love to hear how it works for you.

    1. I will definitely report on the results. Weiland was pretty pleased with her own first experiment, so we'll see what happens!