Monday, September 16, 2013

Random Updates

By Mary Sutton / @mary_sutton73

I had a lot of posts last week (well, a lot for me), so some random updates.

Wedding Bells: Hero's Sword Vol. 3 is with the publisher. I do not have a release date yet for this, but if I get one, you'll know. In the meantime, I am hard at work on Lightning Strike: Hero's Sword Vol 4.

I am so close to being able to share the cover of Lucky Charms: 12 Crime Tales, which is the short-story anthology that will be published by my Sisters in Crime chapter this December. It is so gorgeous; I think you'll think so too. My story in the anthology is part of The Laurel Highlands mysteries, and will be published under my crime fiction pen name, Liz Milliron. There are so many great authors in this anthology, you're going to want to get a copy. And we've decided to do a print edition as well, so those of you who don't read ebooks will be able to get in on the fun!

Speaking of The Laurel Highlands Mysteries, you may have noticed that summer has come and gone. I keep checking Mysterical-e, but they have not published the Spring/Summer 2013 issue yet. I'll keep checking.

And if you follow my Facebook page, you'll know that random scenes for a Laurel Highlands novel have been coming to me sporadically over the last month or so. I admit, it's a weird way to work on a novel. Usually my stories are much more linear. But the book finally has a working title, Every Other Monday is Murder, and a plot. So I expect to be spending more dedicated time on the first draft. Hmm, maybe I've found my NaNoWriMo project?

Anyway, keep watching this space for more updates. And if you want those updates delivered right to your email inbox, go ahead and sign-up to get the newsletter (that box, right up there on top of the right-hand column).

Image courtesy of Jim Kelly, used under Creative Commons

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